Weddings are big communal events for Mongolians and it is especially even more so for those who live in the remote locations. This is one such story of young reindeer couple who live in the Red Taiga region of the East Taiga by the Thousand Springs. Guest were invited from the West Taiga, from the Darhad valley and Ulaanbaatar. This is a wedding of Qizilbal and Solongo.  

Myangan Bulag area of Ulaan Taiga ( Thousand Springs of Red Taiga) is located in the East taiga of northern Huvsgul province in Mongolia. It is home to the Tsaatan people and their reindeers.  

It is a auspicious custom to ride white horses when you go to ask the hand of your wife to be. 

Horses parked outside Solongo's parents teepee.

Qizilbal and his relatives enter the teepee of his future in laws.

As guests arrive kids are in rush to join the ceremony.

Mother and grand mother's moment of acceptance that their little girl will be leaving today and that she will start a new family of her own. 

Mother prepares the reindeer that will carry her daughter's belonging to her new home.

As their daughter leaves them, with tears in their eyes, parents bless her road with milk.

Solongo is arriving to her new home accompanied by her husband and his relatives. 

Guests follow suit after the bride and groom.

Guided and supported by her mother in law and sister in law, Solongo blesses her new home by spraying milk and circling around it 3 times.

No wedding in Mongolia is complete without a mini Naadam, guests and 2 sides of the family compete in a friendly wrestling tournament in the honor of the newlyweds. 

Qizilbal and Solongo.  

Father and daughter.